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Support & After-Sales Service

Comprehensive support for your technological success

Consultation and technical support have always been among our strengths.

Our team of certified technicians is ready to assist you during the critical testing phases before purchase, during installation, and throughout the machine integration process.

At Balacchi, we are committed to providing you with top-level support: in case of need, we guarantee complete and timely live or remote support – wherever you are.

Certified assistance for your safety

As owners and manufacturers of our technologies, every technician assigned to your support is highly qualified for that specific technology or request.

Whether it’s initial installation, on-demand interventions, or scheduled assistance, you can rest assured that you will receive support from professionals who thoroughly understand your technologies and can tackle any challenge.

Get help within 24 hours: your peace of mind is our priority

We understand how crucial it is to keep your machines operational. That’s why we are committed to providing prompt interventions and effective solutions.

With a 24/7 active integrated maintenance system, you will receive remote assistance within 24 hours.

In addition to offering phone support and remote assistance, we are ready to intervene directly at your production facility when necessary.

Complete support for cutting systems and HF Welders

Owning cutting-edge technologies alone is not enough; having the necessary technical support to ensure that equipment functions flawlessly and that you can achieve outstanding results is equally important.

Our technical experts are passionate, qualified, and, above all, ready to respond promptly to your needs.

Our promise: precision and quality

What sets our technical service apart is our attention to precision and quality. We don’t settle for surface-level problem-solving: we understand every detail of your technologies and operational needs.

Whether it’s a technical, operational, or functional issue, our team is prepared to find tailored solutions that optimize your machine’s performance and maximize results.

Contact us today for a future of technological success.

After an introductory call, our consultants will be happy to delve into your support and technical assistance needs.

Head office
Via Vassallo 31
20125 Milano

Production Plant
Via Muratori 4 – 20030
Senago (MI)

P.IVA 08780020965
tel. +39(0)284924790
Fax +390284924778

Head office
Via Vassallo 31 – 20125 Milano

Production Plant
Via Muratori 4 – 20030 – Senago (MI)

P.IVA 08780020965
tel. +39(0) 284924790
Fax +39 02 84924778
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