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PTFE Welding

Advanced technologies for PTFE Welding

Weld Teflon and silicone-coated materials quickly, precisely, and reliably with Balacchi solutions.

Teflon (PTFE) is a thermoplastic material known for its resistance and adaptability to a wide range of temperatures.

Balacchi’s innovative PTFE welding process offers numerous advantages, including extraordinary chemical resistance, low friction coefficient, and remarkable versatility in terms of operating temperatures.

Ideal for applications requiring the utmost material integrity, Balacchi’s PTFE welding provides you with a superior welding solution, ensuring reliable performance even in the most extreme conditions.

Handheld PTFE Welding tool: maximum efficiency and convenience

A compact, cost-effective, and energy-efficient companion for welding PTFE fabrics. This precisely crafted device, made from aluminum and stainless steel, provides a reliable solution for processing and repairing PTFE membranes in any weather conditions.

Ergonomically designed for intuitive handling, the tool comes with an ergonomic support that makes it easy to use. The included cooling plate ensures safe and continuous operation.

Versatile and flexible, the Handheld PTFE Welding Tool can be used independently or as an ideal complement to industrial PTFE welding equipment. Each device can be supplied with a convenient stand for secure positioning when not in use.

Balacchi offers a range of electrode lengths, from 150 mm to a longer 600 mm version. The width is equally flexible, ranging from 50 to 80 mm. Choose efficiency and convenience with Balacchi’s Handheld PTFE Welding Tool, the reliable solution for your welding needs.

BR10PTFE: The Evolution of PTFE Welding

Designed to deliver superior performance, this machine represents the pinnacle of engineering in PTFE and silicone-coated material welding.

The robust and flexible structure, characterized by the large C-frame, allows for easy material handling.

Available as both a single rod for heating and as a ‘dual-head’ system for simultaneous welding and cooling, the BR10PTFE offers versatile solutions for every need.

The distinctive feature of these welders is the rapid short-term electronically controlled welding process, reaching up to 400°C, accompanied by precise pneumatic pressure.

The sturdy, deflection-resistant steel structure facilitates the loading of heavy PTFE fabrics. The pressing/welding system ensures a strong and continuous connection across the entire surface.

The upper and lower welding bars are individually controlled by microprocessors, ensuring precise temperature distribution with a maximum variation of ± 1%. The two-step positioning mode ensures accurate material placement, preventing accidental sealing.

With standard welding bar sizes of 100x1000mm, but with customization options available upon request, Balacchi offers tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.

Need to integrate or expand your PTFE welding?

Explore the potential of PTFE welding with Balacchi's cutting-edge machines, where innovation and precision come together for extraordinary results.

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Head office
Via Vassallo 31 – 20125 Milano

Production Plant
Via Muratori 4 – 20030 – Senago (MI)

P.IVA 08780020965
tel. +39(0) 284924790
Fax +39 02 84924778
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