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High-Frequency Welding

The evolution and new possibilities of industrial welding

High-Frequency (HF) welding is an advanced technology that Balacchi has perfected over more than 40 years.

This revolutionary process uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves to generate heat, allowing for the precise and efficient joining of plastic materials and other conductive materials.

Our experience and innovation in this field enable us to offer cutting-edge solutions for your industrial welding needs.

How High-Frequency welding works

HF welding is based on the induction of high-frequency electric currents in the materials to be joined.

The heat generated by molecular movement melts the materials together, creating a strong and durable bond.

This process is highly efficient and reduces the risk of material damage, while ensuring exceptional welding quality.

Advantages of HF Welding compared to traditional techniques

Balacchi's HF Welding

n HF welding, we use a specific frequency of 27.12 MHz to create an electromagnetic field that heats the materials from the inside. This unique method, called dielectric heating, is highly efficient and minimizes the risk of damage to external materials, unlike other welding methods that require external heating.

Balacchi’s HF welding is suitable for a variety of materials, including PVC, polyurethanes, as well as materials like nylon, ABS, modified TOP, PETG. This technology lends itself to the production of a wide range of products, from tarps and curtains to inflatable boats and conveyor belts, demonstrating its versatility in industrial applications.

Our approach to innovation also includes optimized electrode design and adherence to specific HF welding rules. These aspects are crucial to ensuring high-quality and long-lasting welds, further highlighting our commitment to providing technically advanced solutions.

Choose HF Welding for your production

Incorporating HF welding into your production line can transform the way you work.
If you are still using traditional methods, it’s time to consider the tangible benefits that HF welding can bring.

Not only will you improve the quality and efficiency of your production, but you can also harness the innovation opportunities that this technology brings.

Balacchi provides cutting-edge HF welding solutions, backed by decades of experience and innovation.

Contact us to discover how we can help transform your production.

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Head office
Via Vassallo 31 – 20125 Milano

Production Plant
Via Muratori 4 – 20030 – Senago (MI)

P.IVA 08780020965
tel. +39(0) 284924790
Fax +39 02 84924778
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