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Explore our Showroom

A window into the future of industrial production

Our Showroom is not just an exhibition space; it’s a journey through the latest cutting-edge technologies and a new approach to industrial cutting and high-frequency welding.

Here, in over 1000m2 of exhibition space, innovation takes shape right before your eyes.

Balacchi machines are transformed into true gems thanks to our attention to details: our technicians will guide you through engineering precision to versatility, from cutting and welding quality to reliability, and ease of use.

Our Showroom represents much more than this: it’s a place for experimentation, study, and inspiration. Here, we host extraordinary events where enthusiasm and passion for the industry come together to create a unique atmosphere.

You will have access to an extensive fleet of machines consisting of different models and configurations with which you can witness production efficiency firsthand and compare it to your needs and your current production capacity.

You will experience firsthand with targeted demos how Balacchi technologies can elevate your company’s performance.

Request a visit to our Showroom

After an initial consultation, our specialists will be happy to invite you to explore the Balacchi world, provide you with a demo, or allow you to perform cutting and welding tests.

Not sure which industrial machine is right for you?

Let professionals with over 40 years of experience guide you.

Supplying machinery is not a simple transaction but a complex process with a strong impact on our customers’ businesses.

For this reason, our Buyer’s Guide is a unique experience that goes beyond the purchase of the machine.

We listen to you, thoroughly study your company, and analyze your production process. But we don’t stop there.

We will exceed all your expectations.
You can see our technologies in action and experiment with them in a practical demonstration.

We will continue until you are convinced of the investment you are about to make.

Our passion drives us to do more. We fine-tune every configuration with dedication, dedicating time and energy to create a perfect solution tailored to you.

We don’t just want to sell you a machine; we want to build a successful partnership with you.

Head office
Via Vassallo 31
20125 Milano

Production Plant
Via Muratori 4 – 20030
Senago (MI)

P.IVA 08780020965
tel. +39(0)284924790
Fax +390284924778

Head office
Via Vassallo 31 – 20125 Milano

Production Plant
Via Muratori 4 – 20030 – Senago (MI)

P.IVA 08780020965
tel. +39(0) 284924790
Fax +39 02 84924778
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