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hf welders, high frequency welding machine

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BR4 PT400 standard

BR4PT400 is the smallest machine in our category of stationary machine "C shape" for technical covers.

Constant production quality is accompanied also with substantial repeatability and pronounced work ergonomics

Stationary HF welding machine possess design that is not massive and it is suitable for small-scale manufacturing of products with details that require several different welding procedures.

This machine is particular ergonomically adapted and dedicated to specific tasks that require intensive manipulation of materials.

Operation is easy and intuitive.

Its strong C contraction, good visibility and accessibility to the work area enable precise performance of welding operation.
It is right chose for customers that do not have a big material surface and do not need high power.

The machine is widely used in advertising, technical covers, medical, automotive, babyhood, inflatable and waterproof clothing industries for welding small parts.

Software exclusively developed by Balacchi engineers/programmer team for the complete control and regulation of the complete HF welding process.

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