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Benefits that can be obtained using the  high quality (and rather expensive) PTFE materials in tensile  architecture are conditioned with employment of technically advanced  equipment, such as special PTFE welding machines.

 Balacchi has developed the series of machines for welding of PTFE  & silicone coated material.

The design of BR10PTFE welding machines  involves the big C frame that gives wide space for material handling.

The machine is produced as single-rod (just for heating) or as “double-head” system that enables the welding of PTFE sheets with subsequent cooling of material just underwent the high-temperature sealing.

The range offered is widespread: from long welding machine (1000-1800mm) to small welding irons, known as popular hand welding tools.

The important feature of Balacchi’s PTFE welders is the short-term sealing process that is enabled applying electronically controlled high temperature (up to 400oC) accompanied with pneumatic pressure.

The operating pressure for the welding bar cylinders is also electronically controlled and limited.
Its firm steel construction is very rigid, resisting to deflection from the pressure that is generated when the pneumatics bring into contact the top and corresponding bottom welding bar (rod).

The low profile allows easy loading of heavy PTFE fabrics while press/welding system permitting strong and continuous joins along the entire welding surface.

Bottom and top welding bars are  separately controlled by microprocessors that permits precise  temperature distribution along the both welding surfaces with maximum  variation of ±1%.

The BR10 PTFE welders are available in  various size and for various purposes.

Operates in two-step  positioning mode that enables the precise placing of material and  straight welding seam effectively avoiding the accidental seaming.  

Welding rod is usually 100x1000mm, but it could be upgraded according to  client’s demands. Special engraved electrodes are also available.

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