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The simultaneous use of a variety of materials that need to be processed by cutting is common issue in many industrial sectors: automotive, clothing, furnishing or marketing. This represents a challenge for many manufacturers of cutting machines, since materials differ in their physic-chemical and technical characteristics. Therefore, the emerging feature of the cutting machines available on the market is to be pertinent for cutting of various types of material. This is a reason why the company Balacchi, having years of experience in utilization of CNC machines, offers BR-500-PL, a new line of automated CNC cutting machines.
Knowledge of cutting facilities

BR-500-PL is precise and high performing, accompanied with the PLC managing that can be customized for any kind of cutting exigency. The high quality cutting tools and accessories ensure the steadiness and superiority of the cutting process. In addition to the customizable size, the final configuration of Balacchi cutting machine is extremely personalized and flexible thanks to the wide choice of specific accessories that could be installed in numerous combinations.

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