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About us

Our Policy
The customer is our point of reference. We need to understand his needs and anticipate his expectations. The fundamental requirements of the customer and the company, including quality, safety at work and respect for the environment are transformed into specific purposes. These objectives involve all Balacchi structures and are periodically verified.
BALACCHI starts its production more than 40 years ago in a little plant located quite in the center of Milano city. The main activity was the production of rods, moulds and electrodes for the thermoforming and HF welding applications.
With more experience given by continuous development, the MACHINERIES manufacturing was added. At the beginning only simple machines were offered on the market, then, step by step, new and more complicated models came to increase the company products range. Today Balacchi is able to produce sophisticate welding and cutting lines destined to highly complicated industrial fields.

Every process from the technical planning to the product building is controlled by high specialized staff. Our servicing is fast: after-sale contact is accompanied with the new REMOTE CONTROL system that guarantees assistance overcoming the  problem of the distance!
Balacchi guarantees its customers a lasting and constant relationship. Balacchi takes care of the customer's products after sales through a precise and meticulous control.
Balacchi offers a serious assistance during the initial production through selected and qualified personnel. Each machine is also tested at the customer's production site.
Balacchi guarantees its assistance within 24 hours, taking advantage of advanced methodologies such as the "integrated maintenance system": an interactive bi-directional system active 24 hours a day that can operate on the machine and perform diagnosis in real time.
Assembly is always done by us. We personally transport the machine and provide final inspection to the customer. This is because we want to maintain maximum seriousness and security during every step of our relationship.
Our company operate in cross-sectional sense to the many different business functions. Our attention is focused on the effectiveness and efficiency of the working process in order to reduce wastes and create more value. All our decisions are taken on the base of concrete data and so the “measurements” are one instrument of fundamental importance.
Balacchi products are known all over the World for their precision and reliability. We offer a wide range of HF WELDING MACHINES and CUTTING PLOTTERS for different application sectors such as medical, inflatables, automotive, covers, packaging, ect. Every working process is particularly cured with high precision instruments joined to a handcraft cure.
Head office
Via Vassallo 31
20125 Milano
Production Plant
Vicolo Caravggio 3
20030 Senago (MI)

P.IVA 08780020965
tel. +39(0) 284924790   
Fax +39 02 84924778

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